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More than a century ago a prophecy was foretold of a beguiling stranger who arrives as a light but whose heart is besieged by darkness, and of the child who would rise in strength and courage to counter this evil. When the two forces collide, the world would descend into Armageddon. It all would begin in the quiet little community of Capers, North Carolina.


Insulated from the rest of the world by the Great Smoky Mountains, idyllic Capers is the kind of place where every parent dreams of raising their child:  picturesque, wholesome and unsullied by crime. That is, until billionaire business mogul Noigel Braddock skulks into town. Noigel establishes a technology company that he promises will bring prestige and wealth to the hamlet, in the form of a sweeping global business innovation. Princely good looks and debonair persuasion, bolstered by his Ivy League education, belie his true intentions.


On the heels of this transformational development for the town, Capers residents Katy and Charles Leonardis welcome a son who quickly becomes known as “Teal” for his striking greenish-blue eyes. While every parent thinks that their child is special, even Katy and Charles cannot ignore the fact that some very strange and unsettling paranormal phenomena have unfurled around their son.


Moral decay quickly falls over Capers as townspeople begin committing atrocities that they never would have entertained before. Demons roam the streets and fearful encounters with the unknown take place. When these dark forces attempt to extinguish the life of young Teal, he inadvertently discovers the full range of his unusual and powerful gifts.


Once Noigel’s real intentions for Capers are revealed, Teal must race the clock and outmaneuver the older, more cunning Noigel to prevent total destruction of Capers. In the process Teal is tested and shaped by his friendships, loss, love – and his faith in God.


Suspenseful Paranormal Thriller!

Young Adult / New Adult


**Excerpt from DONUM**

                                         Chapter 17


“It’s just a figment of your imagination!”  Teal often heard that phrase around the house whenever he tried to explain some of the frightening images he saw at night. Strange events began to increase around Teal, many of them quite fearful. But the one moment that made him more aware of the fact that he was different, was the day his mother took him, his friend James, and Cotton to the park. Katy sat quietly on a bench reading, glancing up occasionally to check on the boys while they played. Teal spotted a tiny green frog sitting on a green leaf. James and Teal were infatuated with the frog, and the fact that its colors were identical to the leaf it was perched upon. The frog leaped from the leaf, and they chased it from the park toward the road. Teal came to a standstill when he saw an old woman standing near the road keenly watching him. He stared back. She was unassuming, her skin was dark and wrinkled and, to a six-year-old boy, she looked to be at least a hundred years old. She was as still as a statue as her gray hair flounced about in the breeze. Her dark, deep-set eyes peered right into Teal’s and the look on her face was peculiar. Teal couldn’t determine if it was curiosity, benevolence or something far more reaching. But whatever it was, she stood with an air of certainty.

“Donum,” she called out. “Donum Dei.”

“My name is Teal,” he shouted back with a frown. “Not donut.”

“Your eyes are…” A motorcycle sped by and drowned out her voice.

“Teal!” Katy yelled from behind. She saw Teal standing near the road talking to the old woman. She ran over to him with her eyes wide and her mouth slightly agape. “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” replied Teal.

The old woman wasted no time. “He is Donum,” she said. “Donum Dei.” Her voice trembled, but not from fear. Her brow eased and her eyes softened, appearing to plead with Katy’s as they searched her face.

Katy’s training immediately kicked in, and she put on her doctor’s cap, and forced out a faint smile. “Ma’am, are you okay? Is there someone I can call for you?”

“You must protect your son from him. He wants to do him great harm.”

Katy’s face tightened. “Who?” But she didn’t allow a response. “Okay, well, we have to get going, it was a plea–”

“Your son sees him, but he doesn’t understand what he sees. Therefore, you must help him. If you don’t, great harm will come to him and to many souls in this town.”

Katy readjusted her passive stance, and immediately became very aggressive. “You have no right to say that in front of my son! And, I ask that you not say it again!” she scolded. With her brow frowned, she stared into the old woman’s eyes. Teal glanced up at his mother and watched her frown quickly disappear and her eyes relax. It was the face of a person who had seen something—something quite astonishing and frightening at the same time.

The police car that was patrolling the area noticed the two women standing face-to-face. To him, the   situation appeared to be suspicious, so he pulled over and rolled down his window. “Everything okay here?”

There was no answer from either of the women, and then Katy suddenly relented and took a step back. “Come on boys” she said, grabbing Teal and James by the hand and rushing to the car. Cotton stayed behind.

“Where’s Cotton, Mommy?” asked Teal.

Katy turned and saw Cotton standing near the old woman. “Cotton, come here boy!” Cotton didn’t move. “Cotton, here boy!”

“He protects the boy,” the old woman said. “Day and night he does. He understands what’s happening. But he needs you to understand what is happening, as well.”

Katy was perplexed. “What are you talking about?”

“Your son has eyes that can see, and his dog can see, too. The boy has gifts, and he needs to learn how to use them.” The old woman looked down at Cotton. “Go to them, Cotton.” Cotton barked once at her, licked her hand then trotted toward Katy and Teal with his tail wagging. Cotton had never done anything like that before.

In Teal’s eyes, his mother was a tower of strength, but that was the first time he saw her appear unsettled.

The police officer looked at the old woman. “Ma’am is there someplace you’re headed?”

The old woman didn’t even turn in his direction. “You must protect Donum!”

Katy just stared back at her. Teal could see that whatever it was about the old woman, it struck a strong chord in his mother.

“Alright, let’s go, I think you’ve said enough,” said the police officer. He got out of his car and took the old woman by the arm and gently nudged her down the street.

“Sorry ma’am,” the officer said to Katy. When the old woman wasn’t looking, he circled the side of his head with his index finger.

“He has to understand what’s happening to him! Take him to Pastor Wright, he will know what to do. You must protect Donum Dei!” the old woman yelled, as the officer guided her down the street.

Katy didn’t move. She felt she had arrived at a dark and dangerous crossroads. Teal gently pulled at her hand. She peered down at him, then forced a smile, and they all walked back to the car. Katy didn’t speak a word all the way home; she just stared ahead. James and Teal sat quiet in the back seat. Although they were young, they knew something was wrong.

However, there was something the old woman said that Teal couldn’t dismiss. He sees him. She was right, he did see things; frightening things. And if it were not for Cotton, he’d probably be out of his mind crazy from fear.

That was the day Teal’s life changed forever. For the first time, there was an adult who could truly see him and understood what he was going through. He wasn’t alone, as he often thought he was. The old woman seemed to have understood the very things that he himself, did not. And as evil continued to manifest itself even more, the words, he has gifts, seemed to stay with him. The words, figment of your imagination, no longer carried any weight.





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by Alexandra